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A quick solution to your last-mile delivery issues. Increase trackability to ensure speedy delivery of the orders with the Mobile Delivery Boy App for your Odoo. The app allows you to assign orders to the delivery boys through Odoo. The delivery boys for your store can install the app on their mobile phones. Once installed and registered, they can view the orders assigned to them by the Odoo admin. They can accept or reject the delivery of an order. The delivery boy needs to put the status of an accepted order as completed in the app after delivering the order to the customer.

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he most engaging task of any business is finding the most logical solution to your logistics network, especially towards timely delivery to the clients/customers. Just the last mile of the entire supply-chain adds up to about 30% of the cost!

Improving your order delivery system and finding ways to tackle the last mile delivery problem can be real cost saver options for your business. Odoo Delivery Boy Flutter Based App provides digital communication and tracking the link between you and the delivery boys in your store.

The admin can add a delivery Boy in the Odoo backend. The delivery boys need to install the app on their mobile phones to get the order details.

The admin can assign orders from the Odoo backend to the specific delivery boy. The delivery boy can view the details of various orders through the app and accept or reject the delivery of the orders.

The delivery boy needs to add the status of an order to completed once the delivery is completed.

The admin can also enable the option for delivery passcode. The passcode is delivered to the customer’s mail and needs to be entered at the time of accepting the order to complete the delivery.

Various SMS notifications can be set in Odoo to alert to keep both, the Odoo user and delivery boy updated about the orders.

Now it is very easy to manage speedy deliveries in Odoo via Odoo Delivery Mobile app; it lets you manage delivery boy network in Odoo. The admin can create delivery boys records and assign orders to them in the Odoo.


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